Sunday, 23 September 2007

Almost there...

Ok, first of all I must apologise for not posting for so long. August proved to be a very sad month. After many years of fighting cancer, my mum passed away. It's taken a while to feel 'normal' again but I've finally started to get back into the swing of things, and with my panel date fast approaching, fostering has once again become a main focus.

August also seemed to be holiday time for everyone concerned with my application, and very little progress was made, but September has brought lots of action! All three of my referees (all friends, two of whom were teaching colleagues) have been interviewed, and from what I can gather, it went very well and the agency have a very positive impression of me.

My link worker also came to see me last week. I had expected the visit to have been the one where I get to read through my Form F (homestudy) but with the loss of my mother, she wanted to see how I was coping and take further notes to put in the report. She also carried out a health and safety check on my home, and I now have a whole list of things to buy and put in place before my approval!

On top of all of this, my baby girl broke her leg three weeks ago, and has had to have regular hospital visits. She's been an absolute angel with it all, and hardly seems to notice her leg is in plaster. We have an appointment tomorrow when the plaster will be removed and *hopefully* her bone will be fully mended. Unfortunately, that won't be the end of it all as the accident has also gone into my report and I need to supply a written account, hospital notes and confirmation from my health visitor that there are no concerns over my daughter's health etc. I understand that this is good practice; I'm happy to supply the information, and glad that they haven't just accepted it and moved on as it shows that they take such issues seriously. I just hope it doesn't look bad on me, and affect my chances of being approved.

Well, that's all for now but I know I'll have more to post soon, as my report has to be submitted by the beginning of October, and I'm pretty sure I'll be meeting with the agency in the week to read it through and make any final adjustments. Wish me luck!!!