Sunday, 21 December 2008

TV time

I was thinking how plain my blog looks without any photos, so thought I'd upload a recent pic of my daughter (on the left) and her friend (who is only 4 days older!!) having a wonderful time eating quavers and watching Barney! They're both obsessed with the purple dinosaur and would have sat there all day if we'd let them! :D

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

There's something about Tuesdays!!

It seems to be the day I get my fostering news!

Last Tuesday I had a call about a placement - short term, two little ones not yet at school. I was more than willing to take them but the LA found other carers (as seems to be the case with all of the referrals I hear about).

And today I've heard that the family finder for the two children I've enquired about has requested my Form F - they have not found suitable adopters and therefore will be reviewing things in the new year... and maybe we'll be matched... oh I hope so!