Sunday, 1 February 2009

No news is good news?

It does seem to be the case with this social worker.

I start worrying because I haven't heard anything and then we get an update that things are still plodding onwards. So I'm hoping that the reason we didn't hear anything after their meeting on Friday is because she was out of the office all day, or went home early as it was a Friday, or was just too busy to call...

And I'm going to keep on hoping that she will call early next week (Tuesday maybe!) with the good news I have been waiting for all this time.

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Torina said...

In the states, that is totally normal. Unless the case is an emergency removal, no one is going to be jumping all over it to get things done. 8:30am on Monday mornings...that is when I always call to catch the workers in their offices. I call it the "Magic Hour". :) Good luck!