Sunday, 29 March 2009

Good news at last!!!!

I finally met with the social workers of the two girls last Friday. It was amazing. They came here talking about not being able to find a family who could manage both of the girls together due to their individual needs and issues within their relationship. They left an hour an a half later promising to send further information and to confirm within 3 weeks that they would be placing both children with me!

My teaching and childminding experiences together with my committment to these children convinced the SWs that I can do this, and it really is the best feeling. To be able to keep these sisters together means so much to me.

Towards the end of the meeting they began discussing timescales, and it looks like I will be meeting the girls mid May for introductions, with a moving in date sometime during the last week of May. If it all goes to plan, the girls will be with us in just 9 weeks time!

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Corrine said...

( weeks is not all that long. Good for you!